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"a bit about my background"

So a bit about my background, I sort of fell into Call Centre work as a student I was looking for temp work and got sent over to one of the big market leaders at the time and was immediately thrown into a world of tight discipline, huge targets but possibly one of the most exciting and stimulating atmospheres I had ever experienced and that was it...I was hooked.

Over the next couple of years I grabbed as much exposure as I could to all different projects and team environments. At one point I worked my day shift and the hotfooted to the second site of my employer to coach colleagues on another project till 10pm . I was the keenest of the keen ones, and after a while of doing all these extras I realised that my pursuit of the elusive team leaderís role had become more than just the normal desire to get off the phones, it was actually what I really wanted to do and knew I would be good at it. I carefully observed all the behaviours of my managers, the peers I worked with, clients and customers just to try and construct a ëvirtual toolkití almost, of responses and actions that I could draw upon when eventually the call up came. I felt prepared and inspired for the job

The day I got my first team leaders role was an auspicious one - I was genuinely overjoyed but so scared it was unreal... for all my leaning back in my chair thinking "I could do that" ...or "I wouldn't do that"...rifling through my 'virtual toolkit'!!! it was now real life and I was on that Call Centre stage with no going back. I wondered if I would have any response to the challenge, to do a job in an academic sense is very different to the live show!

So, ICCO reader I think that Iíll share a few of those experiences with you before beginning to tell you about the trials and tribulations of Centre Management...as I say feedback & comments gratefully received.
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