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Diary of a call centre worker

Dear ICCO member
I have been asked to produce a bit of a blog for the site from a Contact Centre Managers point of view.

Working in a Contact Centre is often quite an intense experience and you guys on the phones or managing teams can become quite involved in the day to day ups and downs of you own corner of the universe and often donÝt get the chance to observe what the daily grind is for your Centre Manager.

What I intend to do is just give you an insight into my world ˝ (it may be totally different from that of your Centre Mangers but it may give you an idea of some of their pressures) ˝ my notes may inspire you clamber up that ladder snapping at our heels or indeed may encourage you to wrap your headset around you for comfort and keep your head well and truly down. Whichever I hope you enjoy the read. If you have any feedback or questions for me do contact me via the link.

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