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How do I become accredited

ICCO accreditation demonstrates that a call centre operator ("CCO") has attained a level of professionalism within their job role. By achieving this recognition, a CCO has committed to personal development with a focus on career progression within the call centre industry.

ICCO Membership

In order to gain ICCO accreditation, a CCO must first apply for ICCO membership at an annual cost of 5.00 There is no additional charge for gaining ICCO accreditation. A CCO can apply online for ICCO membership at membership

ICCO accreditation process

There are 3 levels of accreditation available to CCOs based on years of experience within the call centre industry.
Bronze level = 1 years service
Silver level = 2 years service
Gold level = 4 years service

Platinum membership
Achieve the ultimate status of ICCO Platinum membership, awarded exclusively by The ICCO in recognition of outstanding practical experience and expertise. It can only be held by ICCO Members who are committed to continuing professional development.

A CCO must obtain the signature of their line manager as confirmation of experience. In addition to experience, a CCO must state in writing the reasons why they consider themselves to be eligible for the level of accreditation they are seeking. This procedure also applies to any CCO wanting to attain the next level of ICCO accreditation.

Any CCO can apply for ICCO accreditation online by visiting the ICCO members area and accessing the accreditation forms by clicking "accreditation" in the content menu on any of the members pages.

ICCO accreditation panel

The decision as to whether ICCO accreditation is awarded to a CCO and at what level is made by the ICCO accreditation panel. The ICCO panel is made up of distinguished professionals within the industry who meet on a monthly basis to discuss and award ICCO accreditations.

ICCO accreditation certificates

If a CCO has been successful in attaining ICCO accreditation, they will be sent an ICCO accreditation certificate which should be displayed at their place of work as an acknowledgement of their achievement.