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about us

Employment within the Call Centre industry is now considered to be a profession. Within that profession there are about 750,000 staff and it is the Institute of Call Centre Operators (ICCO) that serves the interests of the professional operators throughout the UK and acts as a respected assessment and accredited awarding body.

The ICCO provides up-to-date information for the benefit of members and non members alike. If you would like to know more about the Institute of Call Centre Operators please email us at helpdesk@icco.org.uk.

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The aims of the ICCO are to:

Introduce a professional standard amongst Call Centre Operators

Provide support for and improve the status of call centre operators in all sectors

Promote public awareness of the Call Centre Industry

Establish and maintain high standards of work

Pro-actively inform members of relevant opportunities in their locality.

Significant cost savings in talent acquisition

Maintain/Gain competitive advantage with accredited operators

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